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SERCO - Public Sector Client, South West

Link were successful in tendering for a major Superfast Business Contract spanning 2 years with the aim being to generate interest in ERDF business digital support programme and event attendance. Link generated 550 appointments enabling the client to reach and exceed their targets. Link also assisted the same client with marketing international trade support and rural support services.

Washroom & Hygiene Company, SW

Since 2013 Link have worked with a South West based washroom & hygiene company, not only generating leads and new business opportunities but building a pipeline of warm leads around contract renewal dates and when they will be looking at alternative providers. Link put together a strategy for telemarketing, profiling data batches as the market is potentially so big, sourced data and went on to generate physical appointments which we diarised, phone or teams appointments, diarised or email quotes which was preferred following the pandemic. The company has achieved year on year growth and consider Link an integral part of their marketing team, On average Link generate them 10 - 20 leads per month over 40hrs per month. 

Martin Kaye Solicitors, Telford

Working on and off, when needed since 2011, the primary aim is to market their HR services and generate appointment leads. Target market is businesses with 50+ employees and its certainly about quality over quantity. Capturing renewal dates of a prospects current HR support cover, capturing and cleansing information and discussing our clients USP's means a successful conversation is being had, rapport is being built and a callback pipeline list is being built. Appointments have been made with Blue chip companies and converted by Martin Kaye. Link also provide email marketing services and regularly provide cleansed data back to the client for them to use for other marketing avenues. 


Corp B refurb IT reseller

Link have worked regularly with this company since 2018, focusing primarily on the education sector, especially during and following the pandemic when home schooling was a necessity with many pupils and schools being unable to afford new devices for students. Working from their in house MAT list, Link generated phone and online appointments as well as having their own email account with schools that had a requirement and were conscious of the environment and how using refurb equipment drastically reduces their carbon footprint. Sales have been generated most months and during Oct-Nov approx £35k of sales were generated from Link leads. 

St Helens Chamber of Commerce

Link work very successfully with St Helens Chamber of commerce, initially starting out assisting with their member courtesy engagement calls, updating contact information and signposting to any additional support they required. Link have since worked on several campaigns, some at very short notice and hope to continue for years to come. Some of the campaigns Link have worked on include:

1. LSIP Surveys - contacting businesses to undertake a survey for the DfE to further understand local employers skills needs, skills gaps and invite to focus groups

2. Growth programme and growth grant programme - lead generation to identify eligible businesses interested in funded consultancy support

3. Peer to Peer network - Link had a one week window to contact 80 businesses and identify if they were eligible and interested to attend a peer network programme which was due to start in a couple of weeks. 12 were needed in order for the programme to proceed and 12 were onboarded from Link leads so the programme was able to proceed.

4. Capital grant fund - lead generation with companies planning a capital spend and identify those eligible for part funding

5. Vehicle grant scheme - identify businesses with a commercial vehicle EU5 or below to potentially receive 20% funding towards newer vehicle. Link emailed out the links to express their interest and to complete application forms

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