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Starting with Link in 2006 on the phones, working her way up to the top and eventually taking over the company name in 2011. A mum of 2 boys (a 20 yr old and a 4yr old!!), both of whom are avid Star Wars and Lego fans. Family is everything.

Lucy is empathetic, honest, hard working and always eager to learn, having completed level 5 in sales management, foundation accountancy and content creation BTEC.

Lucy loves to work with clients, helping them to develop not only a telemarketing strategy but quite often helping with other marketing avenues and profiling their target market and undertaking research.

“Hearing my clients say they have converted a lead we gave them into actual business is music to my ears, it’s so rewarding for me and my team and gives us extra motivation to succeed and do a good job and for me to push the business forward”


Telemarketing Operator

Caz has been with Link since 2002 and is a lifelong animal lover. Owning 2 horses, 2 sheep and chickens, Caz has undertaken not only sales, sales management and customer service related qualifications but also animal related courses and has helped to manage a local animal welfare centre. Caz is also very green fingered and helps the local community with gardening projects.

Currently working with one of our exhibition clients that manages pet, aqua and equestrian events, a public sector campaign and a groundworks client, Caz has a varied working week!


Telemarketing Operator

Terry has been with Link since 2017. Terry has proven to be a very valued member of the team, turning his hand to just about any campaign type. Terry works remotely from home to reduce travel costs and time, is a great self motivator and currently works primarily on our public sector campaigns and for a cyber security client very successfully.

Vegetarian Terry has previously worked for London Borough of Hillingdon council, learning how to deal with difficult and aggressive customers, diversity and equality as well as a disaster recovery role at York University – all great skills which help when talking to people on the phone.


Telemarketing Operator

Having initially worked at Link back in 2003 for a few years and returning again in 2011 Sarah is a mum of a teenager and a patterpoo called Timmy who is also the office dog. Sarah values the flexibility Link allows with her working hours and can turn her hand to almost any campaign.

Currently working mainly with our washroom & hygiene clients Sarah has had great success and helped to secure these clients long term.

Sarah has previous experience in retail and purchase management and loves horse riding.


Telemarketing Operator

Having previously worked in hotel management and as chairwoman for the local league 2 football team Virginia is great at speaking to people and working any calibre of campaign. With great self-motivation and tenacity Virginia is currently working with our long term HR and legal client as well as our public sector campaigns when needed. Virginia has been with Link since 2013.



Based in Devon, all team members have been with Link for at least 7 years and have a wealth of business experience and knowledge including having previously been business owners, a registered nurse, in hotel management, retail and animal care.

We see ourselves as a part of our clients' marketing team. Understanding the client and their company from the outset is key and what they want and need to achieve from a telemarketing campaign. From this we can do everything from the initial set up including helping with profiling and identifying target markets, devising a strategy, parameters and scripts and data sourcing to calling and regular, ongoing reviews and data / campaign analysis.

We don’t tie into long term contracts, always starting with a trial to review success, objections and what has or hasn’t worked well and then the client decides if & how they want to move forward – using Link for regular monthly telemarketing, seasonal telemarketing or adhoc campaigns as and when needed.

We have worked across a huge variety of sectors both private and public sector. Basically, any company that has B2B customers and is looking to grow is a potential client of Link Telemarketing! We have also worked from clients CRM systems if that is what is required and have even seconded staff into local clients’ offices to work.

One of our mottos is quality over quantity and sets the premise for most campaigns. It’s about building rapport and relationships with prospects rather than just focusing on pushing for an outcome that ends up going nowhere.

We are not a strictly scripted call centre environment, we work closely with the client to understand the approach they want and need and devise a guideline approach however we ensure we have knowledgeable, natural and ‘human’ conversations with prospects.


Set up in 2001 Link Telemarketing B2B Ltd became a front runner in public sector telemarketing, having most of the Business Link agencies nationally on the books and over 40 staff things were ticking along nicely.

I didn’t own Link at this point, I came into the business around 2006 working around school hours, starting out on the phones and moving into management a couple of years later. By 2009 I was running the company with one other manager, I became the accountant and managed a lot of the staff training and client communication. Then in 2011 everything changed and an opportunity presented itself!

In 2011 the conservatives were voted in and Business Link agencies were disbanded pretty quickly which meant all staff made redundant and no clients! I was the only one left and the then MD wanted to close the business and embark on a completely new career path but not before asking if I wanted to take it on and try and build Link back up and of course my answer was Yes!

I knew it would be long hours, hard work and a huge risk that I may not be able to do it – I had no business qualifications BUT I was a quick learner, a hard worker, great at speaking to people, organised and naturally very knowledgeable and capable with business admin. The upside was also the flexibility it would allow around being a mum as well as continuing a business that was known for it’s quality, personable and friendly service.

The first few years were tough and I had a lot to learn however it worked and i have built a sustainable business that has survived many difficult times including a pandemic! We now have a varied portfolio of both public and private sector clients, most of which have been with me for many years and will hopefully continue for many years to come.

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